Ice Cream Cakes - Special Events & Holidays
Ushpizin/Succos Cake
Ushpizin/Succos Cake Avrahom
Ushpizin/Succos Cake Yitzhok
Ushpizin/Succos Cake Yacov
Shana Tova Cake 2
Shana Tova Cake
Opshernish Cake
Opshernish Cake 3
Opshernish Cake 2
Bar-Mitzva Cake
Bas Mitzvah cake
Purim Sushi Ice Cream Platter
Torah Cake
Purim Cake
Purim Cake 2
Purim Cake 3
Purim Basket Cake
Purim Clown cake - available in large and small
Chanukah Cake
Chanukah Menora Cake
Chanukah Menora Cake 2
Chanukah Dreidel Cake
Chanukah Dreidel Cake 2
Our specialty cakes, available in many flavors and sizes, are sure to turn the dessert into a favorite dish.
Dairy, parve, heart shaped and personalized to your specifications. You name the occasion, we’ll name the cake.
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