Toppings & Accessories
Cones - Dipped #302 - Jumbo #303
Sugar, dipped cones, in chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, or cookie crunch. So tasty and crunchy, so delicious and appealing.
Cones - Plain #301
A Klein’s exclusive. Nobody can imitate the fresh crispness of our sugar cones.
Scoop # 304
The Right Scoop. The ice cream people here at Klein’s are the experts when it comes to scoop.
We understand what a good scoop really is! Neat and easy – our scoop is the RIGHT SCOOP.
Topping - Almond Crunch #305
Topping - Almond Crunch #305
Topping - Chocolate Sprinkles #307
Topping - Chocolate Chips #313
Topping - Color Sprinkles #306
Topping - Cookie Crumb #310
Topping - Macademia Nuts
Topping - Nut Crunch #309
Topping - Sugar Nuts
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